PH: (08) 8682 1226
F: (08) 8682 5866
Adelaide Place, Port Lincoln SA 5606

School Hours

Start of day: 8:50 am
First Break: 11:05 am until 11:35 am
Lunch Eating: 11:35 am until 11:45 am
Second Break (Recess): 1:10 pm until 1:40 pm
End of Day: 3:20 pm


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Other Resources

Policies & Parent Information

Attendance Policy
A child who is at least six years old but not yet sixteen is of compulsory school age (from 01/01/2003), must attend the school on every day instruction is provided, unless the minister has granted an exemption from school attendance.
Behaviour Policy
Bullying Policy
Bushfire Policy
Canteen Price List 2021
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