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Our Classes

PLJPS Our Classes for 2022

Our Classrooms engage approx 300+ Children from Foundation to Year 2

Our School has 15 General Classrooms, as well as Specialty Classes – Technology, Asian Studies, Resource Centre, Physical Education & ARTS.

Room 2

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Room 4

Teachers: Mrs Laura Phillis

Year Level 2 :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 7

Teacher: Mrs Tara Reincke

Year Level Two :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 12

Teacher: Mrs Kobi Keely

Year Level Foundation :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 14

Teacher: Mr Aaron Spearen

Year Level Foundation :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 21

Teachers: Mrs Sheree Phillips

Year Level 1 :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 25

Teacher: Mr Martin Sheridan

Year Level 1 :: Class Size 23 Students

Foundation Co-teacher Rooms 11, 12, 13 & 14

Foundation Co-teacher:: Ms Cheryl Higgins



Room 3

Teachers: Miss Natasha Murray

Year Level R-2 :: Class Size 8 Students

Room 5

Teacher: Mrs Jessica Haagmans

Year Level 2 :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 11

Teachers: Miss Rebecca Jackson

Year Level Foundation :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 13

Teacher: Mrs Di Wake

Year Level Foundation :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 18

Teacher: Mr Justin Pool

Year Level 2 :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 22

Teacher: Mrs Angie Casanova

Year Level 1 :: Class Size 23 Students

Room 26

Teacher: Mrs Tracy Beljon

Year Level 1:: Class Size 23 Students

Year One Co-teacher Rooms 21, 22, 25 & 26

Year One Co-teacher:: Mrs Mel Stott

Year 2 Co-teacher rooms 4, 5, 6 & 7

Year Two Co-teacher:: Mrs Jan Picken
PLJPS Resource Centre

Resource Centre

All PLJPS Year Levels with class teachers



Term 1 – Parent acquaintance night & Learning Reviews week 8-11

Term 2 – Written Student Reports

Term 3 – Learning Reviews week 8-10

Term 4 – Written Student Reports

Teachers will share evidence of student achievements throughout the year and at Learning Reviews.

Site Improvement Plan

Literacy – Improvement In Writing
Numeracy – Implementation of Natural Maths strategies
Australian Curriculum – Powerful Learners

Literacy Key Outcomes

Whole site literacy agreements implemented in 2014.
All staff are implementing and reporting on Science, Maths, History and English, Geography and History.
Further refinement and implementation of Restorative Practice across the whole school.


• Subject offerings: Comprehensive Early Childhood Curriculum
• Special needs: Partnership Special Class R-2, Support to students with disability through classroom programs, additional support, modifications and accommodations.
• Special curriculum features:All programs based on the Australian Curriculum

Teaching Methology

• Emphasis on Teaching for Effective Learning across the school.
• Student assessment procedures and reporting –
• Written reports are provided to families at the end of term 2 and 4.
• Learning reviews for all children occur with Families in Term 1 and 4.
• All students participate in the specialist language course in Indonesian,
• The Science curriculum is offered by all teachers, however, a specialist program is provided as a NIT Bank option for teachers

Students and their welfare


Students attend school from across Port Lincoln and on the outskirts of town from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The cultural backgrounds include Anglo, Aboriginal, Asian and European.

Student well-being programs : : Whole school approach to Restorative Practice

Student support offered : : Partnership Special Class R-2, Specialist programs to support students at risk
and students with disability eg speech programs.

Special programmes : : Partnership Special Class