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About Port Lincoln Junior Primary School

Educational Beliefs at PLJPS

At PLJPS we aim to:

Ensure that children develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to participate fully in their future, by providing a safe, success oriented learning and teaching environment which acknowledges and fosters the importance of the Parent / Teacher / Student partnership, focuses on children as individuals, develops the whole child and affirms and empowers adults and children as learners.

We believe that learning is:

Port Lincoln Junior Primary School

  • Influenced by the relationship between school and home, teacher and child, child and peers.
  • Influenced by the learner’s attitudes towards themselves as people and learners.
  • All learners have the right to have all of their learning needs met.
  • Influenced by the home / school / community environment.
  • A natural ongoing process of development that is different for each person, depending on experiences, abilities & styles of learning.
  • Teachers and parents are learners too.
  • Evaluation is an essential process to monitor the learning that has taken place and determine future action.

Port Lincoln Junior Primary School believes

Classrooms are places where...
  • Children feel safe and happy.
  • There is a sense of both challenge and achievement.
  • People feel as if they belong.
  • Children are learning how to learn.
  • A wide range of learning experiences are provided.
  • Individuals are allowed to learn at their own pace.
  • Parents and teachers feel that they are genuine partners.

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