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Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter 2021

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From the Principal

We have filled 100 Marble Jars – YAY! What an outstanding achievement from the whole school. The Marble Jar system is used to promote and   reward teamwork. A class reward is celebrated when classes fill their own jar with 20 marbles and a whole school celebration is held when the school fills 100 Marble Jars. This impressive effort will be celebrated on Wednesday, 8/9. Students are invited to come dressed in ‘spring casual clothes’ and will receive an ice-cream (dairy-free options available). Yum! Our next whole school target is 150 jars! What could we do to celebrate that?

The Wild Man

In week 4, Phillip Green – The Wild Man, talked to Year One and Two students about Aboriginal Survival. Students enjoyed a hands on experience with museum quality artefacts that students could examine and handle.






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