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Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter 2021

Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter 2021

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Recycling Depot

The Year 2 classes have been focusing on sustainability and recycling during Science this term. We collected our own cans, bottles and cartons to take with us on our excursion to the recycling centre. We were shown how the recycled cans go on a conveyer belt and then get crushed into big cubes ready for transportation. Did you know each cube contains around 13,000 cans! We have learnt that it is important to recycle so we can help our environment.

Newsletters in Term 3

Beginning in term 3 the school newsletter will only be available to view on the Seesaw app,  Facebook and on the school web page   Paper copies will only be available on request. Please let Blanche in the front office know if you wish to continue receiving a paper copy.



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