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Term 4 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

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Introducing Ogyris otanes.

How amazing is our new school mural? We have been so privileged to have Karen Carr create this amazing piece of art in our school. Although his origins come from a very clever native species, he has become a fictional character for the purpose of this brilliant piece of art !

Room 22

Last week the students in Room 22 joined in with Artist Karen Carr to sketch their own Ogyris otanes. Children learned that ‘Oggie’ is a very clever native species. He has formed a symbolic relationship with ants, whereby the ants provide protection to the early stages of the butterfly from predators and parotoids and in return the ants receive sugary secretions from the median dorsal secretionary organ (honey gland) situated at the posterior end of the larvae.