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Term 1 Week 9 2018 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 9 2018 Newsletter

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Last week all students were involved in the Footsteps Dancing Company. Each class took place in five 40 minute lessons.

What is Footsteps?

Footsteps specialises in curriculum/age based movement programs for Foundation to Year 12 students. Their Ultimate Wellbeing Program offers schools a Dance component as well as an activity based Social Emotional Learning program. Classroom resources have been developed for every lesson as a part of their commitment to integrating their programs across all curriculum areas.

Room 14 & 15 Community Walks

Safe Places for Children to Play

Rooms 14 & 15 have been visiting various playgrounds and places around Port Lincoln. During these walks they are learning about staying safe in the community, making safe choices, Road Safety and how to be safe and share on a Playground. While they are there the children draw similarities and differences of the play equipment at each playground.