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PLJPS Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter 2017

PLJPS Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter 2017

Download PLJPS Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter 2017

Swimming Lessons

The swimming program is scheduled in weeks 1 and 2 of Term 2 for all students at the Junior Primary School. Swimming and Water Safety is an essential part of the Health and Physical Education program and all students are expected to attend. Children are organised into ability grouping and a swimming tutor is provided for a child who may have learning complexities. The school needs to know early to organise this support to be put in place. Swimming lessons are held at the Leisure Centre and students attend 5 sessions over 5 days. Parents may be approached by class teachers to help organise the children for swimming lessons. They will support students to develop responsibility for their belongings.


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